Welcome to the Vaad Hatzedakah!  The Vaad was established in 1992 for the purpose of screening the hundreds of people who come to our community annually to collect funds.  With new management since 2005, the Vaad has been networking and sharing information with a number of similar organizations nationally and internationally.  Moreover, the standards for certification have been raised considerably, and the process will facilitate even more scrutiny.  The result is that more money will help those who are genuinely needy, and less will be distributed to crooks and those with unsubstantiated claims.

In order to help us achieve that goal, we solicit the cooperation and help of everyone.  Such cooperation means that if someone comes to you without a current certificate, tell the person to register with the Vaad.  Read the FAQ page for further details.  Inevitably, we must rely on information provided by others, often thousands of miles away, and therefore we don’t claim infallibility.  So, if you have specific relevant information about the people who collect here, regardless of whether they have a certificate, please feel free to contact us.

This website is intended to be a reference that will allow you to immediately verify the certification of anyone who solicits funds.  We intend to clip the wings of unauthorized and dishonest collectors who use expired certificates, alter the dates with indelible ink, and even forge certificates.  At some point we may offer sponsorships that would allow further enhancements to the site.

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